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Learning Physics by DIY

This website is a DIY site, but it is also a physics-educational site.

Learning physics is fun! Especially when you learn it by DIY! It becomes more fun if you ask WHY when you DIY!

To learn physics, the first thing to do is to ask why. Physisists are those persons who love to ask why. Like Albert Einstein once said, if you saw a kettle of water was steaming, you would be curious about why the water was boiling. Then after watching it carefully, you saw fire under the kettle, you would then tell youself, "Oh, I see". Of course, you will keep asking why fire makes the kettle steaming? Whys can be endless, and those endless whys and the answers to that led to the discovery of all the physics laws in our text books.

We are not going to re-discover the physics laws, which are already established by so many excellent physisits. We just want to show that the products, which you are going to build, can work as you expected just because of these laws in physics. You need to know these laws to build the products, especially to do trouble shooting. In the meantime, you will more and more enjoy these laws when you test the electric circuits and play with the products.

In our website, we will show you first, HOW to do the job, with detailed step-by-step instructions. Then, most importantly, we will explain to you, WHY. We will provide in-depth explanations by using the physics laws, most of the time, those you have learnt in the middle-school. We will touch, when neccesary, some physics laws at college levels.